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Although the Montreal Protocol does not require removal of existing Halon 1301 systems, economic and environmental concerns continue to influence many users to remove existing Halon systems. 

 Improper handling of Halon containers can result in property damage, serious injury or death.  Removal and subsequent handling of Halon 1301 system cylinders should be done only by properly trained personnel. 

The March/April 1997 edition of the NFPA Journal (p 15) carried an article on "Safety during removal and handling of Halon cylinders" written by GSI's Tom Wysocki.

More detailed information on decommissioning Halon systems is available on the Halon Recycling Corporation web site.   Click here to link to the  SAFETY GUIDE FOR DECOMMISSIONING HALON SYSTEMS   This link is provided solely for the convenience of our visitors.  GSI is not responsible for the content of the information on linked web pages. 

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