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Actual experience with fire extinguishment provides GSI invaluable knowledge which they use as designers, expert witnesses, and advocates for fire safety.

Fire extinguishment by an inert gas


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September, 2007

GSI's President featured in Halon Herald - but not for accomplishments in fire protection?  Read more . . .


August 15, 2007   NFPA 12 and NFPA 2001, 2008 editions, were issued by the NFPA Standards Council and are now in effect.  For more information, Click here.


June 6, 2007  New proposed editions of NFPA 12 and NFPA 2001 were the subject of debate on the floor of the NFPA annual meeting.  The NFPA membership recommended that a committee proposal on one of these standards be rejected.   For more information, Click here.


May 21 2007  Fike and DuPont conduct important tests on Class C fires.  For more information, Click here.


January 2007   The NFPA 75 technical committee on protection of Information Technology Systems (computer facilities) has released a Report on Proposals for public comment.  Deadline for comments is March 2, 2007.  To see more,  Click here.


December 2006  NFPA has certified a NITMAM on the proposed NFPA 12 standard (carbon dioxide).  The NITMAM was submitted by by Guardian Services, Inc.' Tom Wysocki.   Click here to see an update on NFPA technical committee activities supported by Guardian Services, Inc.


February 2006  GSI's Tom Wysocki completes his first year of service as the Technical Director of the Fire Suppression Systems Association (FSSA).  The FSSA is the world's premier trade association dedicated to the advancement of special hazards fire extinguishing system technology.  For more information on the FSSA, please visit their website site at .


January 2005  The new NFPA handbook on "Fire Protection for Special Hazards" is now available.  GSI's Tom Wysocki contributed his years of experience as designer, installer, and expert witness as author of the chapter on carbon dioxide systems.  Click here to link to the NFPA website to learn more about this new handbook.






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Guardian Services is a world leader in special hazards fire protection for Industrial and Marine Fire Hazards.   GSI offers consulting services, fire safety seminars, expert witness services and training courses related to fire and explosion, and fire suppression systems.   GSI specializes in research and development, specification, design, startup, review and investigations related to fire extinguishing systems for special hazards.  GSI is a leader in the development and use of systems containing Halon alternatives such as FM-200, FE-13, FE-25 and Novec.   GSI provides expert direction in development of inert gas systems such as Inergen and Argonite.  GSI likewise has done research and development on water mist systems.  Traditional agents including carbon dioxide, foam and dry chemical complete the arsenal of fire protection systems which GSI has developed and applied.



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GSI personnel take part in NFPA Technical Committee activities to further life and fire safety



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EPA Reports on Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishing Systems


GSI celebrates 22nd anniversary providing fire protection and expert witness services


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