Guardian Services, Inc.
Fire Protection   Research and Development   Consulting   Marine and Industrial

RESUME OF:  Tom Wysocki, Consultant, Expert Witness, Guardian Services, Inc.

bulletOver 36 years in fire protection, industrial and marine
bulletResearch and development
bulletHazard analysis
bulletProtection strategies, system design
bulletAccident investigation, expert witness
bulletNational Fire Protection Association
bulletSociety of Fire Protection Engineers
bulletInternational Halon Research Project Technical Advisory Committee
bulletFire Suppression Systems Association Technical Committee
bulletFire Equipment Manufacturer's Association Hydrostatic Test Committee
bulletNational Association of Fire Equipment Distributors Technical Committee
bulletInternational Conference of Building Officials (ICBO)
bulletNFPA Committee Assignments:
bulletHalogenated Fire Extinguishing Systems, Standards 12A
bulletCarbon Dioxide Systems, Standard 12
bulletHalon Alternative Clean Agents, Standard 2001
bulletChairman, Electronic Computer Systems, Standard 75
bulletChairman: Installation and Test Sub-Committee on Carbon Dioxide Systems
bulletMechanical Installation Sub-Committee on Halon Systems
bulletChairman FEMA Committee on Nozzle Flow
bulletMarine Application Sub-Committee NFPA 12 Carbon Dioxide Systems
bulletSFPE Course on Special Hazards Fire Extinguishing Systems
bulletUnited Nations/Environment Canada Course on Fire Protection Engineering
bulletCNBOP Course on Special Hazards Fire Protection
bulletNAFED Engineered Systems Seminar-Workshop
bulletEditor of NFPA Fire Protection Handbook Chapter on Carbon Dioxide Systems
bulletNFPA handbook on Special Hazards Fire Protection Systems
bulletNFPA Journal: Protecting the Pipeline
bulletSpeaker to numerous industry groups including:
bulletSFPE NFPA('78 Fall Meeting)
bulletPortland Cement Association
bulletYale University
bulletBoston Museum of Science
bulletHalon Alternative Technology Symposium
bulletInternational CFC and Halon Alternative Conference
bulletBachelor of Science, Physics, Mathematics, Philosophy
bulletMaster of Science(Research) in Physics and Mathematics


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