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Explanation of NFPA 12 Nozzle Codes

GSI's Tom Wysocki has served on the NFPA technical committee for carbon dioxide fire extinguishing systems since 1977.  He currently serves on the NFPA technical committee which writes the standards covering clean agents (NFPA 2001) and halon 1301 system (NFPA 12A) as well.  As a senior member of these technical committees, he regularly receives questions on these standards.  One of the most common questions is "How is the definition of nozzle orifice numbers - or codes - to be applied?"

There is a great deal of misunderstanding of the code method used to size nozzles for CO2 systems.  Mr. Wysocki has prepared a 16 minute video presentation which explains the meaning and application of the "NFPA 12 nozzle code."  To watch this free video, please click on the link below.  Windows Media Player must be enabled on your browser in order to view the video and your speakers should be "on" with volume set appropriately.

NFPA Nozzle Code Video Presentation 

Last revised 12/26/2022