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Need access to National Fire Protection Association Standards? 

NFPA  provides free "read only" access to all NFPA standards.  Click on the image below to link to the NFPA website:




Fire Protection News/Highlights 


December 1, 2022   Cold weather increases the odds of fire during refueling of cars, trucks and other vehicles.  The American Petroleum Institute has published information on avoiding such fires. You can access their tips page by clicking here. To see some videos of fires at gas pumps initiated by static electricity on YouTube click here.  


December 16, 2022   NIST video shows the importance of keeping your Christmas tree watered.  To see the video demonstration click here.



GSI personnel take part in NFPA Technical Committee activities to further life and fire safety



Gaseous Fire Suppression Agent Facts

Actual experience with fire extinguishment provides GSI invaluable knowledge which they use as designers, expert witnesses, and advocates for fire safety.

Fire extinguishment by an inert gas


What we provide:

Guardian Services, world leader in special hazards fire protection, celebrates 37 years of service, protecting lives, livelihoods, and property from the effects of unwanted fire.

GSI offers the following services to end users, manufacturers, governmental bodies, approval agencies, and the legal profession:



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Carbon Dioxide ( CO2 ) flow calculation software 


Link to information on 1998 INEEL accident.


GSI celebrates 37th anniversary providing fire protection and expert witness services



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