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Fire extinguishment tests with an inert gas.  As oxygen in the test enclosure is reduced to approximately 11.5% by injection of an inert gas mixture, the heptane fire goes out. (Copyright GSI, 2001)

Halon Alternatives

For over 20 years, Halon 1301 was the fire suppression agent of choice for high value hazards which required a clean "life safe" agent.  During the 1980's, scientific research indicated the possibility that Halon 1301 release into the atmosphere might contribute to depletion of stratospheric ozone.  

In the late 1980's, the Montreal Protocol was ratified by 29 countries and the ECC.  The protocol effectively called for a phase out and eventual ban on production of certain ozone depleting substances including Halon 1301 in developed nations. 

Since the ratification of the Montreal Protocol,  research into clean agents for fire protection has intensified.  Today there are several classes of clean agent alternatives to Halon 1301.  Guardian Services, Inc. remains active in this research and development.  GSI also is a world leader in developing hydraulic calculations for Halon alternatives.

GSI has developed computerized flow calculations for IG-541 (Inergen), IG-55 (Argonite), HFC-227ea (FM200), HFC-125 (FE25) and HFC-23 (FE13). The programs carry listings and approvals by nationally recognized testing laboratories in the United States, Canada, Japan and Australia. 


Last revised 12/26/2022