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Arctic Environments

Valdez Marine Terminal

GSI served as Project Engineer for major additions and improvements to the Fire Protection systems for the Trans-Alaska Pipeline's Marine Terminal in Valdez Alaska. The additions, valued at over 4 million dollars, included standard sprinkler systems for several warehouses and office complexes, remote controlled foam monitors for the oil tanker berths, carbon dioxide systems for high voltage switchgear rooms, Halon systems for high value communications equipment, and advanced, early warning fire detection for computer equipment areas.

Trans-Alaska Pipeline Pump Stations
Traveling the Pipeline

Above the Arctic Circle -- air temperature -50 Fahrenheit.

GSI reviewed fire protection measures at 11 Pump Stations serving the Trans-Alaska Pipeline. Tom Wysocki traveled the 800 mile pipeline twice while doing the survey. The first trip was in Winter. Temperatures reached 50 below zero with wind chills below 100 degrees. Road closures due to drifting snow and avalanches were common during the two week journey. Tom was delayed only once due to road conditions. He noted, "Through the entire trip, road closures in front of me got cleared shortly before I reached them. Then often less than an hour after I got through, I would hear on the radio that the road behind me was blocked. I did have to spend two extra days at Pump Station 10 when avalanches closed the highway both North and South of the Station. All in all, the trip went well especially considering the extreme weather conditions."

The second trip was done in Summer. Weather during this 10 day journey was superb. Even on the North Slope temperatures were in the mid-60's with intense(and never ending) sunshine. The trip was not without weather-related difficulty. Rain had washed out the Haul Road between Pump Stations 3 and 4 approximately 130 miles North of the Arctic Circle. The road remained closed when Tom reached Pump Station 4. Alyeska Pipeline Service Co. arranged a helicopter lift for Tom from PS4 to PS3 and a new truck at PS3 to allow him to complete his journey to Pump Station 1 near Prudhoe Bay.

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